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If Mahmudullah did not get run What would that!

1 for 4 wickets in the blink of an eye, from 8 to 30! There was another batting collapse in Bangladesh in Napier today. His influence was also the match. After the two-match Test in Bangladesh against New Zealand remained stuck in the cycle of failure. The first-rate against New Zealand toyentite Mashrafe Mortaza and Mahmudullah comfort. The Bangladesh captain, Mahmudullah fifty if you do not run the country would not have 141!
Speed up a storm in front of the killings has emerged as Ferguson Lacke. New Zealand fast bowler Shabbir-majestic presence was nowhere. Mahmudullah was sorely phargusanakei handle this. However, one of his great sloyare has been bowled. But he played an innings runs before being dismissed at least 5! Another man who played an innings score of 180 is passed. Bangladesh’s bowlers in ground fighting force.
Mashrafe this rate is very easy to explain. 4 wickets for 30 runs to go after the root cause of Mashrafe said. However, the defeat of the biggest cuts are batting Bangladesh captain Mahmudullah, Mahmudullah batted unbelievable that we were able to 141. If not, could be 100115120. This small place is good if we can win the match. 150 The situation would be different if we could have done. ”
New Zealand are still far away from winning the match, Bangladesh could not build contest. Why not, therefore, found it because, “Someone better played four matches in New Zealand. Last year, T-toyentite did not win too many matches. The day was won, however, have a good batting or bowling together. Most of the flop that lost day! It is here, no good if we can not be useful. This game actually has changed. “