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Young girl was responsible for directing short dress!

Explosive molestation of women in the early hours of New Year’s Bangalore, India has said the Samajwadi Party’s Abu Azmi driving. He molested the girls ‘small Posakake’ blamed. Abu Azmi made the comment in a statement on Tuesday.

Ajmer statement today, citing a report in the Financial Express said, “New Year’s night in Bangalore over the molestation of women’s clothing is small. Now, drunk girls nude fashion. So it is bound to happen. They wear little clothing. Of course women should go out with family members. “The girls are advised to follow the culture of India, Abu Azmi said,” My sister, a family member or a girls night out without having to think, I do not tolerate at all. ”

Abu Azmi said, “After midnight the party short dress to western culture. It is not our culture. I mean, what has happened is unfortunate. There is no doubt that the security was not right. However, before the safety of women and their families should be careful. And it is to take from the house. Our women must themselves have to worry about their safety. “